Old Town’s Cosmopolitan Hotel Multimillion-dollar Reconstruction Nears Completion

February 1, 2010



Old Town’s Cosmopolitan Hotel, also known as “The Cosmo,” is reaching the final stages of its multimillion-dollar restoration and is on schedule for an opening in April.

Soltek Pacific, the general contractor announced today that with roof tiles being installed this week that construction is 80 percent complete. The work is being funded by California State Parks, a California Cultural and Historical Endowment, Delaware North Companies and Old Town Family Hospitality Corp. Major contractors on the job include Heritage Architecture and Planning, ASM Affiliates and IS Architecture.

“Excitement about The Cosmo’s completion is rising,” said Chuck Ross, president of Old Town Family Hospitality Corp. and operator of the Fiesta de Reyes plaza in Old Town. “We have meeting planners from across the country as well as San Diego residents calling on a regular basis regarding the status of the building.”

The Cosmo enjoys a prime location in Old Town San Diego State Historic Park, surrounded by restaurants and shops. Recognized as one of the most historically significant buildings in California, The Cosmo will include an indoor and outdoor restaurant, boutique hotel with 10 rooms, along with meeting rooms for special occasions.

The hotel’s main feature and central focal point, the balcony that wraps around the second story, will give visitors views to San Diego Bay, as well as a perfect perch for watching entertainment in the state park.

The building was originally constructed as San Diego pioneer Juan Bandini’s home between 1827 and 1829 with 50,000 hand-made adobe bricks. The Cosmo’s reconstruction will reveal many of the intricate American details added to the home when it was turned into a hotel in 1869 and the second level was added.

The team of archaeologists and project architects have committed to maintaining authenticity of the restoration as much as possible and have found most of the historic brick on the faces of the two upstairs fireplaces salvageable. All the adobe brick on the lower level is original 1820s Bandini brick and is being preserved. All the exterior siding on the upper level is original 1869 wood.

Fiesta de Reyes, located in the northeast section of Old Town San Diego State Historic Park, is a plaza comprised of two existing restaurants, Barra Barra Saloon and Casa de Reyes, with The Cosmo adding a third restaurant to the concession. There are also 16 specialty shops at Fiesta de Reyes, ranging from sweet delectables and specialty foods, to handmade gifts, artwork, home décor and children’s toys. All stores are operated separately by locally owned businesses.

For more information about Old Town’s Cosmopolitan Hotel, visit: http://www.fiestadereyes.com/.
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Roof tiles are being installed this week on Old Town’s Cosmopolitan Hotel. A grand opening of the 183-year-old building is planned for April.

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