Poker Party Recap!!

March 30, 2010

It is sure to go down in history as the best Old Town party ever.  Everyone had a blast!  Congratulations to Jillian Jeter, who won the best female non-rented costume, and Julia Simms, who won best femaile rented costume.

Sorry but the notes were lost on the best male costumes.  A great deal of fun was had voting on the best poker face and we ended with a three-way tie between Ed Garcia, Mango of Mango and Dango, Annie Oakley and a mysterious party guest.

Thanks go to Jessica John of Cygnet Theatre who sold the most tickets and had her entire family of 14 in attendance.  And be sure to send your congratulations to Chuck Catania of Captain Fitch’s who won the prize for the most chips.  (It was well over $1,000 and he started with $100.  Better take this guy to Vegas next time.)

The event raised approximately $2,000, which is being used to offset the entertainment expenses for Old Town Spring Nights.  Thank you to all who participated in one way or another.

We have got to plan another one soon!

Thanks to Jessica John for the photos!


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