New Store Opens in Fiesta de Reyes

May 18, 2010

Showcasing San Diego’s culture and history, including maritime, missions, Old Town, Mexico, early pioneers, and Native Americans, Old Town Gift Company is now open in Old Town’s Fiesta de Reyes.

Located in the center of the Fiesta de Reyes courtyard, Old Town Gift Co. carries historical gift items, many of which are antiques or replicas from the mid-19th century, cards, desk accessories and new and used books.

“My goal was a 19th century Hallmark-style store with a nautical and literary appeal, including gifts for men and women that complemented and tied back to the theme of the store,” said store owner Karen Abbott. “Nostalgia, laughter, interest and curiosity were the goals while educating and entertaining the customers that come to the state park in Old Town.”

This is the second store for Abbott at Fiesta de Reyes; she also owns Fiesta Cocina, which carries kitchenware, Mexican cooking and baking necessities, imported serving dishes and pottery. Old Town Gift Co. has a wide variety of desk accoutrements, from staplers to paperweights, desk clocks, writing pens and ink.  The store also features steel-tipped, glass-tipped and plum writing pens with ink wells and pen rests. Stamps and vintage postcards are also sold alongside accurate descriptions of the first mail route (overland mail) from San Antonio to San Diego in 1857-1858.

The store carries books by local authors, and about San Diego, as well as the wider history of the region including Baja. Old Town Gift Co. also has an extensive selection of historical period books from 1820-1870 that were either available in Old Town or written about the area.

“Customers can find unique pocket knives next to hand-carved miniature telescopes along with games and puzzles for the whole family,” said Abbott.

Fiesta de Reyes is located at Juan and Calhoun streets, a one-block stroll from the Old Town Trolley Station. In addition to Old Town Gift Co., the plaza boasts two restaurants, Barra Barra Saloon and Casa de Reyes, 16 other specialty stores and the soon-to-open Cosmopolitan Hotel and Restaurant.  For more information call (619) 297-3100 or visit

Located in the center of the Fiesta de Reyes courtyard, Old Town Gift Co. carries historical gift items, a wide variety of desk accessories, and historical books.

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