Artist Spotlight: Fiesta de Reyes’ RD “Randy” Riccoboni

February 7, 2011

Master Artist, and Best-Selling author RD “Randy” Riccoboni

“What drives and inspires me is a passion for forward thinking. I pick up on the positive and beautiful vibrations of color, contrast, perspective and spirit that surround our daily lives and create art with a mission that is trail blazing for others artists and non-artists. I hope my art work will trigger inspiration and happiness in you to create and make the world a better place starting right in our own neighborhoods whether you are the creator, the appreciator or both.”

RD Riccoboni with his painting of the Hotel del Coronado in the background.

Known as The California Artist who paints spectacular landmarks boldly painted with exciting impressionistic style in happy colors are his trademark, and the results of his career have been astounding. RD Riccoboni, Randy to his friends, is an innovative self-taught artist who began painting at age four when he got into his mothers paint-by-numbers. The artist credits encouragement by family and teachers for his drive and inspiration that has led the way to his success as a best-selling author, speaker and inspirational visionary. In 2007, he moved his popular Beacon Artworks Gallery into the beautiful Fiesta de Reyes in Old Town’s San Diego State Historic Park.

His paintings on canvas and paper depict travels, places of local interest including

San Diego landmarks and everyday life experiences. RD’s internationally recognized artwork represents community and a sense of place in a positive and life-affirming manner. A fan of architecture, RD is currently working on drawings and paintings of vanishing historic American buildings and landscape for his Art Traveler project.

Scripps Park at La Jolla Cove, the big pink buliding in the background is the historic La Valencia Hotel.

Next time you’re in Old Town, enjoy a visit to Beacon Artworks Gallery

or visit from the comfort of your home.

Biographical Highlights

The Archives of the City of Los Angeles City Hall, Los Angeles California

University of California, Los Angeles, California

The Morris Kight – McCadden Place Collection University Southern California

California State University, Los Angeles

San Francisco public Library,

Los Angeles County Museum of Art, ARSG

The White House, Washington DC

LAC + USC Medical Center Los Angeles California

Cultural Affairs Department of the City of Los Angeles

Barnsdall  Art Park, Los Angeles California

Yale University, New Haven Connecticut

Historic Lafayette Hotel, San Diego, California

San Diego Art Institute, Museum of the Living Artist

Beacon Artworks Gallery

Old Town San Diego State Historic Park, San Diego, CA

American Psychological Association- Washington DC

San Diego Convention Center San Diego, CA


Beacon Artworks Corporation, 1010 University Ave, Suite 474, San Diego, CA 92103

The Big Picture For Artists – A Seven Step Guide to Make A Living With Your Art (December 2010 release)

The Art Traveler (March 2011 projected release)

Everyday Intentions, Art and Wisdom, RD Riccoboni and Jayne Moffitt, – Beacon Artworks Corporation

RD Riccoboni, from Old Town to Newtown – The San Diego Paintings

RD Riccoboni Paintings and Drawings – Beacon Artworks Collection

My Positive Evidence Journal -Illustrations and Affirmations from American artist RD Riccoboni

My Magnificent Evidence Journal – Affirmations from American artist RD Riccoboni

RD Riccoboni, The San Diego Paintings, Collector’s Edition Volume 1

RD Riccoboni, Paintings, Collector’s Edition Volume 2

My Balboa Park Art Book,                                                                                                            Art from Mr. Riccoboni’s studio and gallery for you to color and have with.

My San Diego Art Book,                                                                                                               Art from Mr. Riccoboni’s studio and gallery

Books from: More Heart than Talent Publishing, Inc. Stockton Ca,92507

Manifest Success, the Ultimate Guide to Living the Life of Your Dreams, Debbi Chambers

Manifest Success, Motivation, Momentum and Miracles, Debbi Chambers

Books from: Editions Aubrey Walter, London England

Rainbow Nation -Paintings from the Gay Community – Editions Aubrey Walter

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