Old Town’s Ladies Day April 9th

March 15, 2011

— Free, All-Ages Event to be a Tribute to Women in Old Town’s Past —

The 8th annual Ladies Day in Old Town San Diego State Historic Park will celebrate the everyday life skills, creative past times, and daily work chores of women who lived in early San Diego from 1821 to 1872. This year’s event takes place on Saturday, April 9, from noon to 5 p.m. and is named Daring, Delightful & Determined Women: A Day with the Ladies of Old Town.

“Ladies Day in Old Town will showcase exciting activities that are educational as well as amusing for both children and adults,” said Deanna Turton, volunteer co-chair of the event. “People will walk away knowing what it was like to experience and live in San Diego in the early to mid-1800s and appreciate how they mastered the life skills needed to survive and make a home for their families.”

The plaza will contain volunteers and descendants from Old Town’s founding families performing living history demonstrations. Booths will feature a variety of 19th century games and crafts, basket weaving, historic letter writing, crocheting and lace-making. Historic crafts will also be available for all ages.

At 2 p.m, the event will also feature a historic hat, bonnet and day cap contest accompanied by a small entry fee. Winners of the hat contest will be recognized for their creativity, historical accuracy and how well the hat flatters the owner. Anyone with a sweet a tooth, can also try their hand at hand-cranking their own ice cream, sponsored by Coldstone. Sweet toppings of all kinds will be provided. The event will also showcase historic hair demonstrations so women of all ages can relax and get their hair done while  experiencing the notable hair styles of the 1800s. There will also be hourly a garden tours as well as live entertainment from historic dancers and the Los Californios musical group. Free refreshments will also be provided.

In addition, volunteers will display historic clothing from the park’s interpretive period and visitors will see a historic photography exhibit. Demonstrations on doing laundry by hand, soap making, and cooking will also be featured. And finally, the Cosmopolitan Restaurant will be holding a ladies tea during the afternoon, where everyone can enjoy historic delicacies while listening to dramatic readings by performers from Write Out Loud.

Free parking is available in the CalTrans headquarters on Taylor Street, one block from the event site.

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