Old Town: Stagecoach Days

July 28, 2011

–All Aboard for Old Town; Next Stop Stagecoach Days at Old Town San Diego State Historic Park–

Old Town San Diego State Historic Park is celebrating travel and transportation in the era of real horsepower at “Stagecoach Days” from noon to 4 p.m. on seven Saturdays in July and August.

The free event features a different theme each Saturday such as: Californio Day, Women of the West, Soldiers and Citizens, TwainFest and Cattle Drive. Attendees will enjoy afternoons filled with activities that reflect life in early San Diego and celebrate the West on the move.

Through vignettes, demonstrations, living history activities, stories and songs, visitors will gain an appreciation for early modes of transportation and daily life. It’s been over a century since the last stage line operated in San Diego. Beginning in 1857, stage lines passed through rural San Diego moving passengers, freight and mail.

These new services helped bring the outside world closer to the emerging frontier community that we know today as San Diego.

The 2011 Stagecoach Days schedule is:

July 9 – “Californio Day” – Between 1821 through 1848, the people who lived in Southern California were called “Californios” rather than Mexicans. Those unique “Californio” cultural elements will be presented this Saturday.

“Californio Day”

July 16 — “Women of the West” — Women played an important part in the development of the West. Some of the daily activities of these women will be demonstrated on this Saturday.

“Women of the West”

July 23 — “Innocent Amusements” — In the 1800s, games and amusements were commonly associated with either large celebrations or after-school play days incorporating most of the local townspeople. This day will pay tribute to traditional games of the time.

“Innocent Amusements"

July 30 –“Trades That Shaped Westward Expansion” — As towns developed in the West so did the need for specialized trades and artisans. Old Town San Diego will present pivotal 19th century trades that shaped the community of San Diego.

“Trades That Shaped Westward Expansion”

August 6– “Soldiers and Citizens” — In the mid-1840s, California went to war with Mexico. United States troops were stationed and fought in San Diego County in an effort to support the war. This day will feature military practices that changed San Diego forever.

“Soldiers and Citizens”

“Soldiers and Citizens”

August 13– “Californio Day” — The unique “Californio” cultural elements will be presented again this Saturday.

“Californio Day”

August 20 — TwainFest —  Presented by Write Out Loud, the festival marks 101 years of Mark Twain’s passing and celebrates the American author as well as some of his peers. Excerpts from famous works will be read aloud by costumed San Diego actors at a variety of park venues throughout the day.


August 27– Cattle Drive — Cattle was the single most important economic resource for Southern California for over 50 years. This day will give the opportunity to learn about the hide and tallow trade, chuck wagon cooking, roping, branding, saddle making and more.

"Cattle Drive"

Old Town San Diego State Historic Park, with the support of the Boosters of Old Town and Fiesta de Reyes, is proud to offer these free activities for adults and children of all ages. The park is located on San Diego Avenue and Twiggs Street, conveniently located next to the Old Town Transit Center, with Coaster, Trolley, and MTS bus service. For more information, go to http://www.parks.ca.gov/oldtownsandiego.


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